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The Team

Who We Are




Erika lives in Stone Lake. She is the mother of identical twin daughters, Madalyn and Christine. Her husband is an engineer and works on the road a lot, which gives her lots of time to dedicate to her business. Erika has a background in finance, but for the last six years she dreamed of owning her own shake shop. In September of 2020 she left her finance career to open Quest. She searched for the perfect location to create her vision, and opened her doors in June of 2021. Erika loves animals and has lots of them! She has horses, goats, chickens, dogs and a cat. She loves to be outdoors camping, kayaking and hiking. She also enjoys playing cards and bingo. Erika really enjoys entertaining and being surrounded by people, which is what makes her business so welcoming and warm for all her customers.


Drink SLinging extrodinaire

Justine likes playing basketball and softball, hanging out with friends and family, camping, and making awesome drinks!! Her favorite drink is Spooner Vibes, Aquaman, or Tutti Fruitty!



Drink Slinging


Aubrie likes playing volleyball and doing high jump in track, also going shopping, and being around friends and family. She’s in student council, and is a link leader at SHS. Her favorite drink is the Malibu Barbie!


Drink SLinging extrodinaire

Madalyn is an identical twin who loves horses and painting. She has a Quarter Horse named Amara, a goat named Dilylah and a dog named Tobi. She attends UW River Falls. She enjoys writing poetry, soccer, track, and working at Quest! Her favorite drink is the Summer Crush.

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